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Briefly describes the use of Marine air compressor

Apr. 18, 2017

Briefly describes the use of Marine air compressor

1, starting

1) turning: turn a crankshaft 1-2, check whether the moving parts is flexible, presence of jam phenomenon;

Description: almost all of the moving parts before need turning check the movement part whether have jam.Air compressor is no exception.(especially the standby Marine air compressor pressure switch action, usually when they start the emergency, or when the ship on the docks)

2) check ready to start the compressor crankcase oil level is between the oil dipstick two scribed line.If the low level of air compressor cylinder with drops of oil lubrication, drip cup of oil level should not be less than 1/3 of the height, and the oil drops to 1 to 2 drops per minute; 

Description: almost all of the piston type lubricating oil of mechanical need to check before start the oil level.Air compressor is no exception. 

3) open the cooling water pipe cut-off valve, water supply;Open a water drain valve at the bottom of the fuselage, check the cooling water supply situation; 

Here is water cooled type air compressor, open air compressor before must ensure that the supply of cooling water and maintain the normal pressure. 

4) check air compressor discharge the globe valve opening; 

Description: piston compressor has the characteristics of "hard", so start valve requirements open when start.Once forgot to open the discharge valve, may be because the body of the compressor pressure and damage, namely may cause the scrap of the machine.In the process of the management of the compressor, it belongs to the low-level mistakes.Should be avoided. 

5) there is no automatic starting device shows the release of the air compressor, should open the manual interpretation of the load valve or the relief valve on the oil-water separator, in order to reduce air compressor starting load; 

Note: air compressor startup requirements: light load startup.Purpose is to reduce the load of start. 

6) starting air compressor, pay attention to whether it is right, after being up to rated speed, closed manually load release valve or the relief valve on the oil-water separator; 

Note: the compressor normal work, close the discharge valve. 

7) to observe the pressure gauge whether readings to determine whether gas path flow, pressure gauge is damaged; 

8) listen carefully has all the normal noise. 

2, operation

1) pay attention to observe the pressure gauge reading, uniform to see whether the allocation of the compression ratio of high and low pressure cylinder, working pressure for more than a specified value. 

2) using pressure lubrication compressor, oil pressure should be kept in 98-249 kpa, shall not be less than 49 kpa. 

Description: dynamic lubrication type air compressor, please observe air compressor lubricating oil pressure, otherwise, there is a risk of bearing damage. 

3) pay attention to check the cooling water outlet temperature, cooling water general import and export temperature difference should not be more than 13 degrees, if you forget to open the cooling water valve when starting, must immediately stop, stay cool completely before gradually into the cylinder cooling water, avoid by all means under the condition of the cylinder and heat for cooling water, lest produce Fried cylinder accident. 

Description: this is particularly important, short time and cause overheating, because there is no cooling water machine can afford, if the machine in case of overheating, suddenly loaded with cold water, what's the material of parts can afford such a large thermal stress.Easy Fried cylinder.

4) pay attention to check all levels of the exhaust gas temperature and the temperature of the crankcase oil.As air-cooled compressor exhaust temperature not to exceed 160 degrees, lubricating oil temperature not to exceed 80 degrees, cold type air compressor exhaust temperature not to exceed 200 degrees, the temperature of the lubricating oil must not exceed 70 degrees.If discover the exhaust temperature or lubricating oil temperature more than the above value, should find out the reason. 

5) every half an hour or so open the discharge valve of the oil-water separator, to eliminate accumulation of oil and water.Put out of the water should be see oil stains on the surface of the water, and dip in hand lay up and no greasy feeling, or is that too much to lubricating oil cylinder. 

6) check at least once per shift and the connection of the motor and solid situation of anchor bolt, and note any abnormal noise, if have should immediately stop check. 

3, parking

1) open the relief valve on the oil/water separator, sewage; 

Description: drain before parking, parking purpose is unloaded.(air compressor is unloaded, uninstall parking)

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